Women in Rail Scotland is delighted to welcome Heather Campbell from CommsMasters to our event on Tuesday 16 April, 2019, from 5.30pm onwards, in Network Rail Scotland’s offices in George House, Glasgow.  Heather will lead an interactive discussion on the very thought-provoking topic of confidence.

Confidence – magic ingredient or misleading illusion?

How do you define confidence? We seek it, we build it, we lose it, we even give it to others – and yet we find it really hard to define it.

Heather Campbell is an international speaker on the subject of confidence and communication and has worked with leaders around the globe, inspiring them to work at their very best.  In this session for Women in Rail Scotland, Heather will explore the magic, the myths and the evidence of what really matters when it comes to confidence. Heather will be also be sharing her experience and answering key questions like:

  • Is the person sitting next to you more confident than you are, how would you know and does it matter anyway?
  • What behaviours will lead others to believe that you are confident?
  • When does confidence tip into arrogance?
  • Men or women – who is more confident?
  • What are the five different types of confidence and how can you make sure you’ve got access to at least one of these when you need it most?

And bring along your answer to that first question – how do you define confidence? You’ll have some fun exploring just how different our perspectives on this desirable characteristic can actually be.

CommsMasters is a leading international communications consultancy, working with businesses to change the way people communicate in business, helping them inspire, motivate and succeed. Heather set up CommsMasters after years of on-the-ground experience and research into the nitty-gritty of what actually works when it comes to effective communication. CommsMasters now works directly with multinational organisations to help them address their business challenges and improve performance.

Please register here to attend: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/confidence-magic-ingredient-or-misleading-illusion-tickets-58640848356


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    Confidence workshop led by Heather Campbell
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