WR East Midlands and NTAR, our main sponsor, hosted a Quiz and Networking Event at The Derby Conference Centre on the evening of 30 November.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially to our hostesses Kristin Thorslund and Jennifer Walpole who looked resplendent in their train conductor outfits. Special thanks also to Simon Rennie from NTAR for speaking about the benefits of diversity in the workplace, Kirsty Derry for the loan of outfits, Rebecca Adams for managing the logistics at the venue, Carol Taylor from Chapel Studio Photography for snapping key moments, and other members of the Women in Rail East Midlands team for their contributions to the success of the event.

Approximately 50 people attended, and as well as the quiz there was food, drink, opportunities for networking and even some singing! Money was also raised for Children in Need, with a total of £211.60 collected.

Congratulations to the quiz winners, The Elizabethan team!