Flexible Working for Business Improvement

Want to find out more about the benefits to your company and employees of flexible working?

2020 has opened all of our eyes to the benefits, challenges and potential of flexible working and there has never been a better time to plan how that will be embedded long term into your business.

About the webinar

The Monday to Friday, 9-5 way of working has been becoming outdated for years. Even before Covid, 87% of full-time employees either worked flexibly or said they wanted to. Meanwhile, organisations that have been embracing flexible working are citing clear business benefits as a result.  Flexible employers report having more engaged and committed employees, improved retention rates, better ability to attract talent and increased productivity.

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in how we work.  Millions of workers have experimented with home working, working hours have been thrown up in the air as people adapt, mindsets  about flexible working have shifted and demand for flexible working is currently at an all-time high with 44% of the workforce set to request more flexible working when coronavirus restrictions are lifted. So, if there was ever a time to get on board with flexible working, it is now.

Maybe you are seeking more flexible working in your own life? We will have a section all about how to go about achieving this.

This webinar is aimed at anyone with an interest in creating a more flexible working culture within their workplace or anyone keen to explore their own flexible working options.

About Flexibility Works

Lisa Gallagher is co-founder of Flexibility Works, Scotland’s leading experts in working flexibly. With a practical and creative approach, Flexibility Works supports employers to develop more flexible workplaces – a win-win for their people and their organisation. The organisation also is a leading commentator on flexible working in Scotland and it works closely with the Scottish Government and policy makers to drive forward this agenda. Find out more…

About the Rail Cluster Builder Project

Scottish Engineering was delighted to be awarded an 18-month project to develop a rail cluster builder from Scottish Enterprise in August this year. Funded by Scottish Enterprise with support from Transport Scotland, the project was officially launched on 26 August 2020.

The overall purpose of the rail cluster is to facilitate connections between Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs) considering diversifying into rail, with the existing rail supply chain and to communicate and raise awareness of the opportunities in the rail sector in Scotland.  The rail cluster project will support the recently issued Rail Decarbonisation Action Plan in which the aim is to make Scotland a world leader in creating net zero emission railways. Find out more…

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