Mind the Gap: Exploring Data Bias in the Rail Industry

You are invited to join us for Mind the Gap: Exploring Data Bias in the Rail Industry, taking place on Thursday 23rd November 2023.

Drawing inspiration from Caroline Criado Perez’s 2019 bestseller ‘Invisible Women’, this event will delve into the issue of data bias, specifically its impact within the rail industry. The evening promises to bring this critical issue to light, initiate informed conversations, and chart a course towards greater inclusivity. We are delighted to have Dr Wendy Yanez Pazmino from the School of Computer Science, guiding us into the world of bias with her keynote address.

Following this, we invite attendees to share and reflect on their personal experiences with bias in a series of breakout discussions. The conversation will continue with a panel discussion featuring five individuals across industry and academia, who will debate on key topics, sharing insights and potential strategies to combat biases and reimagine the future.

The event will conclude with an engaging networking session. As you mingle and connect over drinks and nibbles, you will be part of important conversations driving change within the industry. Come and witness first-hand how we can bring the ‘invisible’ into the spotlight and ensure a fairer representation in rail data and design.

This event is now closed to new registrations.



  • 18:00
    Registration and Welcome
  • 18:15
    Keynote Speaker
  • 18:45
    Group Workshop
  • 19:00
    Panel Session
  • 19:30
    Final Remarks and Networking
  • 20:00
    Event Close