Women in Rail Wellbeing Initiative in collaboration with neuroscientist Minerva Engagement


To support you in these challenging and uncertain times, Women in Rail has, for the last 3 months, been collaborating with Minerva Engagement (www.minervaengagement.com), an organisation whose initiatives are underpinned by neuroscience, to offer free weekly wellbeing webinars to Women in Rail members.


Webinar topics included, among others, “How to stay connected when socially isolated”, “How can we switch between focused attention and mind wandering and why is it important?”, “How can we regulate emotions and alleviate anxiety in order to flourish?” , “How can we stay positive and challenge our negative thoughts?”, “How can building awareness of our nervous system impact our wellbeing and resilience?” and “How can we maintain momentum and energy in lockdown and beyond?”.

Watch Now

If you missed any of the wellbeing weekly webinars, the entire series can be found here.

Engage Whole Self Module – Neuroleader Academy Programme

Special offer for Women in Rail members

In May, Minerva Engagement launched its on-line Neuroleader Academy Programme, specifically designed to help managers, leaders and aspiring leaders to develop their core leadership competencies and improve wellbeing and performance (see “Useful Link” for programme download).


The Programme consists of four modules: “Engage Whole Self”, “Lead the Way”, “Unlock Opportunity” and “Connect for Change”.


The full cost of purchasing each module is £375 exclusive of VAT per person but, to support Women in Rail members, Minerva Engagement is offering the Engage Whole Self (which can be purchased as part one of the full programme or as a stand-alone module) at a discounted price of £250 exclusive of VAT per person.  This includes a donation to the Women in Rail charity.


This special offer is available until 31 August 2020.


The “Engage Whole Self” runs for 10 weeks from 23rd July and then again from 27th August 2020

Booking & Information

If you would like more information or are interested in taking advantage of this Women in Rail exclusive discount, please e-mail Jennie (jennie.flower@minervaengagement.com or 020 3285 7943) with the following information:

  • Confirmation you wish to benefit from your Women in Rail member exclusive discount
  • Quote discount code WR010020EWS
  • Your Full Name, Job Title/Role, Email address, Telephone Number and the Name and Address for invoicing purpose


The Programme has been awarded CPD accreditation which means you will be able to log 20 hours CPD as a result of participating!

We hope this will be helpful.