National Apprenticeship Week 2018

This year marks the 11th anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week, an important Government initiative that allows businesses to harness the power of young people to help UK industries flourish.

Running from March 5 to 9, this year’s National Apprenticeship Week will focus on how ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Celebrating the impact of these schemes on the individual, the employer, the community and the economy.

The UK Government is set to host hundreds of events and activities up and down the country, showcasing the outstanding abilities of current apprentices as well as offering help, advice and encouragement for those looking to apply for apprenticeship programmes or hire apprentices in the future.

With a diverse array of events and activities ranging from Job Fairs to Apprenticeship Awards Ceremonies, Job Swaps and School Assemblies, National Apprenticeship Week provides a wide-reaching platform to engage with burgeoning young talent.

Women in Rail is set to throw its full support behind the week, using our ever-growing social media presence to champion events across the country. Our regional network will go into overdrive, ensuring that events relevant to the rail industry are promoted across our platforms and that employers and potential employees are both well informed about how they can get involved. We urge all of our partners to follow suit and ensure the rail industry makes a big impact on National Apprenticeship Week 2018!

National Apprenticeship Week provides a spectacular opportunity for the rail industry to champion the exciting schemes that are available for all young people. The UK rail sector is an extremely important part of the UK’s national infrastructure, and is currently receiving high levels of investment and attention. It is a growing, exciting and creative industry that we want to see more young women become passionate about.

We will be offering our full support and encouragement to all of our industry partners getting involved with National Apprenticeship Week 2018. You can follow some of the ways we will be getting involved on our social media channels using the hashtag #NAW2018.