Registration for the Women in Rail Mentoring Programme 2018 has now closed.

The Women in Rail (WR) Mentoring Programme is a cross-industry Mentoring Programme, especially developed to help women and young professionals working in the UK railway industry receive advice and support from a more senior industry professional in their development, personal growth and confidence and ensure they have the necessary tools to further their career and realise their full potential.

The WR Mentoring Programme aims to show to people within and outside of the rail industry that our sector is willing to support its women and young professionals, help them grow in their roles and work out development plans, thereby reinforcing the image of rail as a close-knit community committed to nurturing and fostering talent.

This year, the WR Mentoring Programme is run in collaboration with Young Rail Professionals (YRP).

For details on the WR Mentoring Programme, including next steps, please click Find Out More.