Hello and welcome to the Women in Rail Wales Regional Group!


We are launching a brand new group in Wales on Wednesday 26th June 2019!  This is exciting news, and perfectly timed with the huge recruitment drive well underway, as the rail network across Wales is transformed.  These investments will result in hundreds of new roles being created over the next few years, across a wide range of roles. With so many varied career opportunities, it is the ideal time to inspire women from all backgrounds to join the rail sector in Wales.

Women in Rail Wales is made up of a committed group of men and women from across the railway industry in Wales who have joined forces to offer a support platform for Women in Rail members working in this region and further the charity’s agenda of improving gender balance, diversity and inclusion in rail.  The new group is led by Jo Seabright, Marketing Consultant and rail franchise bid specialist who recently led the launch campaigns for the new Transport for Wales Rail Services.

This new group will provide members with an opportunity to expand their professional and personal network locally and, through development workshops and access to a unique cross-industry mentoring programme, receive the support they need in their professional development and growth, thus contributing to attracting, developing and retaining female talent in the industry.

We will be organising a variety of events in North and South Wales, including networking opportunities, development workshops and of course some relaxing and fun get-togethers.  The group has ambitious growth plans, as it will showcase the benefits of gender balance, diversity and inclusion to like-minded groups and businesses and seek to attract more women into the rail workforce in Wales.

To make sure you do not miss out on the wide range of activities organised by the WRW Group, register on the Contact Us page and join the Women in Rail community. Membership is completely free and will give you access to the local and national events organised by the group.

Ni’n edrych ymlaen i’ch croesawu chi yn Women in Rail Wales!

We look forward to welcoming you at Women in Rail Wales!