Ways to Nominate

Whilst we offer an online nomination service, we also welcome nominations via email or post.

Nominations by E-mail

Please email your nomination (including any supporting material and/or documentation such as images and VT) together with a duly completed and signed Entry Form to:


You will receive an acknowledgement by email within 5 working days. Please let us know promptly if your entry has not been acknowledged within these 5 working days.

Nominations by Post

Please post your nomination (including any supporting material and/or documentation such as images and VT) together with a duly completed and signed Entry Form to:

Women in Rail Awards 2019
c/o Nimble Media Ltd
40 Melton Road 
LE15 6AY

Entry Rules and Conditions

You may nominate individuals, teams and organisations in multiple categories. However, a completed Entry Form must be submitted in each category for each such individual, team or organisation.

The Women in Rail Awards 2019 team reserves the right to transfer your nomination to another category if it is deemed more appropriate.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the necessary internal approvals prior to submitting the nomination form and that the information contained in your nomination form is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge as this information will be relied on by the Judges when making their selection.

Should your nominee be shortlisted for a category, the judges may ask you to provide additional information and/or material in order to assist them in making their decision on the winner of that specific category.

Nominees successfully shortlisted will be notified of the same by no later than Monday 1st April 2019.

Case Sensitive Material

During the Women in Rail Awards ceremony, information about the shortlisted nominees will be aired (precis style). Should your entry contain information which you deem of a sensitive nature, please let us know by clearly specifying on your Entry Form the sensitive information you wish to have omitted from mention.


When submitting your entry, please ensure you have obtained any permission which you know or ought to know is necessary to be obtained (such as, for instance and without limitation, authorisation to disclose third party material).

Entry deadline

The Deadline for all nominations is Thursday 14th February 2019.