How to plan effectively using the power of uncertainty: Lead with clarity

Women in Rail Yorkshire was delighted that Energy Alchemy and Speaker Mark Sharratt offered members this invigorating webinar to kick off 2021.

As we learn to yo-yo in and out of crisis, we recognise that our “normal” is highly uncertain and volatile. To effectively adapt and lead our businesses through this we need to foster an increased ability for our people, teams and business processes to rapidly pivot to environmental changes. This calls for more agile leadership to be embedded in your culture to grasp the available opportunities.

Unpacking the critical components of agility, this webinar looked at what we can do as leaders to incorporate them into our business objectives, processes and the mindset of our people. As a key consideration, we covered the importance of feedback to help keep your finger on the pulse of how your people and culture are responding.

This webinar shared practical tools and insights into how senior leaders can strike the right balance between autonomy and control. This will assist in creating greater empowerment for you and your people to succeed in an uncertain world.

The session enabled you to strengthen your culture, enhance your focus and alignment to ensure your people are ready to lead your business successfully by embracing agility.

Webinar Objectives:

• Understand the key drivers of empowerment and organisational agility

• Effectively align objectives to adapt to priorities in constant flux

• Harness relevant feedback to keep a finger on the pulse of your people and culture

• Balance autonomy with control to ensure your people are motivated and focused

• Ensure your management team has effectively adapted to a world of uncertainty

Webinar Duration: 60 mins

Speaker Bio: Mark Sharratt, Founder, Energy Alchemy

Mark Sharratt is a much sought-after keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach. Mark helps companies navigate uncertainty by building resilience and unlocking the potential of their people to harness opportunities for growth.

Mark specialises in working with high-growth entrepreneurs and innovative business leaders to help them improve their capabilities, team effectiveness, business performance and growth.

Mark has returned to Scotland from the Midlands and his passion for cycling and exploring the countryside haven’t been too dampened by the weather! He enjoys having family time with his wife and young daughter.


  • 8:30am
    Workshop starts