September saw a well attended event at Dentons offices in Holborn. Dr Gwenllian Williams was introduced by Lizzie Ooi, talked the audience through hints and tips for practising resilience in the workplace.

We began by discussing the two types of situations which can lead to stress – those in the zone of control and those in the zone of acceptance. We should choose to respond positively to situations in the zone of control, and choose to let go of those situations in the zone of acceptance, over which we do not have influence.

We were encouraged to identify the causes and triggers for increased stress and anxiety in the workplace and understand how negative thought patterns can develop from this. This cycle, along with lack of sleep and exercise, can increase cortisol levels. This can be remedied through a number of means:

Disciplined sleep patterns and enough sleep

Light exercise twice a day for 20 minutes

Dietary supplements, such as fermented foods, white chestnut, lavender, and limiting alcohol after midday.

The event was followed by networking, with catering kindly provided by Dentons.