Thank you to those who joined us at the Women in Rail at Denton’s London to launch the London Regional Group.

The event began with an honest and motivational talk by Paul Plummer, the CEO of the Rail Delivery Group and coach of a women’s hockey team. Paul shared his personal experiences championing diversity within the RDG and his personal life and shared stories of how his unique coaching style helped to motivate his team to perform better.

Shamit Gaiger from the Deportment for Transport shared her enthusiasm for the future of passenger travel with the audience, describing the future technologies and trends that will change the way people travel and how we can and must take advantage of these opportunities if we want rail to thrive.

The London Steering committee shared their future plans for events and engagement with the region and asked for feedback from Women in Rail members to help make the group meaningful for them.

The evening closed with a networking session sponsored by Dentons where members of the London rail industry shared a drink to celebrate the launch of this exciting new regional group.

Thank you to the speakers Paul Plummer, Shamit Gaiger, Adeline Ginn and Leila Rahimzadeh; and the London Regional Committee for planning and organising the event.