The Women in Rail mentoring workshop, held in support of Railweek, took place on Tuesday 28th June at the offices of Angel Trains, London and was attended by 45 delegates.

It was a fun interactive session led by David MacKinnon (Organisational Development Manager, HR, at Angel Trains) and Mike Taylor (Managing Director, Accelerating Experience Limited and formerly member of EMCC (the Mentoring and Coaching industry body)’s Executive and Advisory Boards) who have extensive experience in training, coaching and mentoring mid to senior managers and executives.

It comprised presentations and practical exercises to help attendees get a better understanding of mentoring, develop the skills to be a successful mentor and/or mentee and foster a rewarding mentoring relationship. It also involved testimonies from mentors and mentees currently taking part in the Women in Rail Mentoring Programme.

It was a fantastic afternoon and the feedback received has been extremely positive.

A very big thank you to David and Mike for leading the workshop and to Ari Goldberg, Anna Walker, Suzanne Crouch and Sheetal Masand for their amazing feedback on the WR Mentoring Programme.

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