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Psychological Safety – what is it, how do I know if I have it and how do I create more of it? 

You are invited to join Ivan Beaumont and Bernadette Rothwell from Mélange Coaching for a virtual event, to discuss psychological safety , taking place on Tuesday 6 February 2024

Psychological safety is permission that a person feels to allow them to be open and honest. It’s the very foundations of being able to work effectively as a team. In this talk, we will explore four stages of psychological safety and through an interactive one-hour session, will reflect on how psychologically safe you’re feeling as well as how you might be impacting the psychological safety of others.

This talk will be led by Ivan Beaumont and Bernadette Rothwell from Mélange Coaching. Ivan Beaumont is the Co-Director of Mélange Coaching, where he specialises in supporting leaders and teams in achieving high performance through Team Coaching and leadership development. He is the president of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC UK) representing the professionalisation of coaching. Bernadette Rothwell is the Co-Director of Mélange Coaching. Bernadette has been Coaching leaders since 2006 and alongside Ivan, supports teams and leaders to thrive through research backed tools and interventions. As former rail professionals, Ivan and Bernadette have a wealth of industry knowledge and Bernadette is an active member of Women in Rail and SWiFT.