Putting on our oxygen masks

Looking after ourselves, for so many, can be the last thing we’re thinking about as we muddle our way through another lockdown….but research tells us that prioritising ourselves can really make the difference between just surviving and thriving.

This session will look at why self-care is usually important but crucial to many of us just now, especially if you are caring for others at work or at home.

During this interactive session we look at what your individual needs really are…you will leave with a simple plan to get your needs met…so that you can continue to be “OK” through your current challenges. We will also look at the role that boundary setting takes in preserving your time and energy…so that you can get those needs met sustainably.

Wendy McCristal – Director,  The Mental Wealth Company

Wendy is an Engineer and Human Scientist, who has worked in manufacturing and rail engineering consultancy for 20 years. After experiencing her own mental health issues, she founded The Mental Wealth Company, and has turned her skills to researching, coaching and teaching resilience techniques to individuals and businesses.