The secret to motivation and commitment – How to build a team that cares

Women in Rail Malaysia is delighted to organise another online workshop

Do you want to strengthen and improve the work culture around you? Are you poised and ready to meet your opportunities and challenges? Do you want to be an effective leader and develop a high performing and motivated team?

Direct via Zoom from the UK, Mark Sharratt is a much sought after keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach. He believes that the ability to build strong and enduring relationships is secret to creating a high-performance team. He will teach you how to become more resilient and unlock your potential to harness opportunities for growth.

Mark will help unpack the 16 drivers of ‘psychological fitness’ that underpin high performing and motivated teams. As employees and employers, we can all possibly relate to the fact that we want to build and work with a strong team that he is committed and motivated.

By the end of the session, Mark will have guided you on how to strengthen your work culture, and build team engagement. This is an exclusive opportunity for Women in Rail Malaysia members so, why wait? Come register today!

Time & Date:
3:30 pm-4:30 pm, 23rd October 2020

Limited availability
This session will be conducted via Zoom. As it is a very interactive workshop, numbers are limited to 40 pax and limited to Women in Rail Malaysia members.

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