Women in Rail Weekly Webinars – Every Tuesday at 12.30!

In collaboration with neuroscientist Minerva Engagement

To support our members in these challenging and uncertain times, Women in Rail is collaborating with Minerva Engagement (www.minervaengagement.com), an organisation whose initiatives are underpinned by neuroscience.

Many of you may remember Deborah Hulme from her inspiring presentation “Taking Care of you: the secret to more effective leadership” at the Women in Rail conference in December 2018.

Minerva Engagement has been kindly hosting free weekly 30 minutes wellbeing webinars for Women in Rail members.

Next Webinar

Our next webinar will be on Tuesday, 19th May. It will be the last in the series and will be presented by Jennie Flower and Lesley McBride who will explore How can we maintain momentum and energy in lockdown and beyond?”.

If you are interested in attending the webinar, please register here.

If you wish to submit questions in advance of the session, please email jennie.flower@minervaengagement.com.

Past webinars include:

24th March: “How to stay connected when socially isolated” – can be accessed here.

31st March: “How can we switch between focused attention and mind wandering and why is it important?” – can be accessed here.

7th April: How can we regulate emotions and alleviate anxiety in order to flourish?” – can be accessed here.

28th April: “How can we stay positive and challenge our negative thoughts?” – can be accessed  here.

5th May: “How can building awareness of our nervous system impact our wellbeing and resilience?”

On 21st April and 12th May, the Minerva team hosted free Q&A sessions.

Neuroleader Academy

As you are aware, Minerva are now taking bookings for their online Engage Whole Self module which goes live on 28th May and will help you learn how to create optimal levels of mental and physical wellbeing by integrating brain, mind and body and how engaging the whole self enables peak performance.

Please contact Jennie if you would like more information or register your interest.

We look forward to speaking to you on Tuesday at 12.30pm!

Take care and best wishes,

The Women in Rail Team