At some point or another in our lives we all need to write a CV. It is probably the most tedious and painful piece of admin we ever need to do. Writing about ourselves is hard and writing about ourselves in a way that sells our strongest attributes is almost impossible. As women, we are conditioned not to ‘brag’, so even when we are comfortable expressing a professional opinion, we are usually not nearly as comfortable writing about why we are so amazing at what we do. We undersell our skills, our experience, and the things that make us completely awesome at our jobs.

CV writing expert, Sally Andrews-Mercer, [MD] of CV Collaborator (, has kindly agreed to host a CV writing webinar for us

During the session, Sally will not only show you how to write a strong CV, but also give you some tools to help you identify those things that make you a unique and interesting candidate to employers. Whether it’s that next job, a promotion or even a shift into a new industry. More precisely, during the webinar, Sally will explore:

  • Approach to writing a successful CV – Starting from the beginning
  • Structure Explained
  • Purpose of Each Section
  • What Good Looks Like
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Common Mistakes
  • Things you can do to make writing your CV easier
  • Q&A

Time & date
5:30pm, Wednesday 19 May

How to register
Please register using the form below. Joining instructions will be sent to you prior to the event.

About Sally
Sally started writing CVs for friends and colleagues who were looking to step up in their careers, change industries, or who just find it difficult to communicate on paper. With more than 12-years consulting experience in a variety of industries; running workshops and facilitating events, she found drawing out the key selling points that others dismiss as ‘that’s just what I do’ came naturally to her – helping them to find their Unique Selling Point (USP). Officially launching her Business in 2019, she hasn’t looked back since then. She has the pleasure of working with a wide variety of people – from Programme and Project Professionals, to Engineers, to Writers and Historians. For her, it is a joy to help others see their true skills and talents. She loves what she does! Every day she helps people find their path and increase their likelihood of achieving their potential.