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Women in Rail Scotland is delighted to welcome David Roylance to run an online masterclass for us on ‘Get Your Voice Heard! Have More Influence in the Boardroom’. 

Please join us and hear from David as he takes us though the three pillars of impact so that you have absolute command of your own presence resulting in you coming across with the charisma and influence that you intend.

About the event

  • Are you tired of being trodden on or ignored when you speak in the boardroom?
  • Do you wish that the boardroom gave you the respect and credibility you know you deserve?
  • Have you been in the same role too long and wonder what it will take to get promoted?

What businesses need now is visible leadership. If you cannot demonstrate visible leadership at this time, you risk becoming irrelevant to your team and your organisation. Women have to fight to make their voices heard in a male dominated environment.

But how do you make sure that you are a visible leader and make sure the value you add is understood by everyone?

David Roylance helps women to stand out, increase credibility and get themselves promoted, even in times of recession.

After two decades of experience as an actor and director in the world of theatre, David Roylance adapted his skills and learned new ones to become Europe’s # 1 Smasher of the Glass Ceiling for C-Suite leaders.

For the last two decades David has honed his system of ‘Speak – Shine – Make 10 Times the Difference’ for hundreds of corporate leaders and thousands of entrepreneurs.

The three Pillars of Impact are:
Posture Unless your posture is aligned you cannot be charismatic
Voice Without a full tonal range your voice cannot be heard as influential
Energy Without energy you cannot be experienced as vital to your organisation

This session will give every participant practical exercise in all three pillars of impact to overcome lack of confidence, a lack of voice and the charisma that leaders need for their teams to take ownership of ideas and tasks.

How do we know these are real tools for creating tangible results? Everyone will be doing the exercises during the session. This is a physical session. No fluff, no theory, pure practicality.

Time & date
12pm-1pm, Tuesday 29 June 2021

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About David Roylance
David Roylance brings together over 25 years of learning from the world’s best mentors from the world of voice, neuro linguistics and entrepreneurship. In each of these areas, female mentors have had a huge impact on David’s’ knowledge and impact on clients. David brings his male perspective and understanding to women who need to thrive whilst working alongside men.

David’s exceptional skills allow him to create dramatic change in voice, body and mind, in order that his client’s achieve their goals, in business or in life.

Born in Edinburgh and spending his youth as an actor working almost exclusively for no money, David came to London, to the bright lights and the big city, to train professionally at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Whilst there and during his professional theatre career he was lucky enough to find himself working with some of the most incredible and insightful people in the world of theatre.

Amongst his teachers were the world’s premiere voice teacher, Patsy Rodenburg, two of the world’s most renowned theatre directors from Russia, Vassilij Skorik and Evgeny Kamenkovich, Yukio Ninagawa, Japan’s top theatrical export and Sir Alec Guinness. All of these people and more have contributed ideas that make David’s Secrets of Leadership Formula a unique proposition

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We look forward to seeing you online.

Online registration is now closed. Please email for joining instructions.