Habits That Hold Women Back at Work

Women in Rail Scotland and Inspire Scotland are delighted to invite you to joint virtual event ‘Habits That Hold Women Back at Work’. Hosted by the brilliant Sylvia Baldock, who runs her own business Sylvia Baldock – unlocking the hidden potential in individuals and teams.

Date & Time

Thursday 20th August 2020 at 12 noon.

Did you know

86% of women handle all the primary family responsibilities (Bright Horizons Modern family Index report).  Because of these pressing demands on their time and energy and the later starts because of school runs, women often overcompensate at work to keep up with their male counterparts.

Surveys show that men are generally more driven by financial reward, position, competition and winning whereas whilst women appreciate the rewards, they also want to enjoy their work, to be happy at work and to be liked.  They want to encourage collaboration, build strong relationships, have good work/life balance and to feel they are making a difference.

Whilst juggling their many diverse responsibilities, women can fall into regular habits that ultimately prevent them from progressing in their career at the speed of their male colleagues if at all. This can leave them feeling undervalued and overlooked.  In this webinar we will look at some of these habits in more detail and the impact they have on your career pathway and your future fulfilment and impact.

Sylvia will be sharing top tips and actions that you can take right now to overcome these habits and tap into more of your true potential.

Our Partners

Women in Rail Scotland is so pleased to welcome both Inspire Scotland and Sylvia Baldock to our online events programme.

Inspire Scotland

Inspire Scotland is a gender equality employee network jointly run by ScotRail and Network Rail Scotland) set up to help direct, influence and deliver the  vision for greater gender equality in Scotland’s Railways.  Co-chairs Hazel Fisher, Network Rail and Nicola Dawson, ScotRail said:

“Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all of our home and working lives. This is a great opportunity for all females within the business to break bad habits and tap into their potential to increase both the number of women within the railway and the roles they undertake.  We welcome everyone to this event to gain a greater understanding of some if these barriers and how to break them” .

Sylvia Baldock

Sylvia brings her 30+ years of experience working with hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and teams, transforming, motivating and inspiring everyone she works with to greater productivity, engagement and ongoing success.  Among her many talents, she is an expert in Maximising Personal and Team Talent,

Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Personal Impact Thought Leader, Professional Speaker & Presentation Skills Expert, Business/Personal Coach/Mentor, ‘Time to Think’ Facilitator and an Author and Best-selling International Co-Author.

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It’s sure to be hit with our members who will find out what actions to take right now to overcome these habits and tap into more of their true potential.  Why wouldn’t you want to sign up now!

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