Women in Rail Scotland is delighted to announce a virtual event, “Wellbeing – Getting to the Heart of the Matter” led by the fabulous and infectiously inspiring Kate Cooper-Faye, CEO of CXY and Board Advisor, Strategic Partner and Brand Ambassador for the Wellness Universe among other things.

Time and Date
12pm, Wednesday 24 February 2021

About the event
Kate is a brilliant role model in the transport sector as well as in many sectors and during this online session, you will hear from Kate about her inspirational career journey and path to success.

The event will also focus on health and wellbeing, a key driver for Kate and important part of her overall approach to life.  Her recent partnership with the Wellness Universe stands testament to the importance Kate places on this subject area.  Read on to hear about the health and wellness part of the event from Kate.

“In times when we are no longer simply working from home but now living at work, managing our health and wellbeing of ourselves our team our organisations, and our loved ones has never been more important. Wellbeing goes way beyond the traditional gym memberships and free fruit, it’s about ensuring wellbeing at the core, your core. In this interactive session we will share experiences, concerns and fears and of course listen to yours. We will discuss the importance of wellbeing and what this means to you and share how we are currently managing our own wellbeing.  We will give you some simple hints tips, and exercises to take away to practice yourself and share with others we well teach you how to be a well in all aspects of being.” Kate Cooper-Faye.

About Kate Cooper-Faye
CEO of CXY, Board Advisor, Strategic Partner and Brand Ambassador for the Wellness Universe, Board Adviser to I.E People

A Commercial Lawyer with an MBA from Cranfield, a Chartered Director and a member of the Professional Boards Forum, EQ specialist, mindset coach, consumer psychologist and behavioural expert.

Kate has worked on significant turnaround and transformation strategies with major corporations such as Tesco, M&S, Hilton, Halfords, Greggs, Lenta, Staples, The Grange Hotels, Mitie, May Gurney, Network Rail, the Train Operators and BAA. Additionally, she has formulated strategy for industry, such as Rail through the RDG, national government, TFL, Cross Rail and the DFT, as well as written the strategy for Energy, working for the minister and regulator.

Brands such as Nestle turn to Kate for everything including consumer, customer and employee experience. The CEO of Sage referred to her methodology as a the Secret Coca Cola recipe for organisational growth and success.

Her partnership with the Wellness Universe takes transformation to an entirely different level, recognising that you cannot transform a business without the right people, and sometimes those people need their own transformation strategy and plan. How we behave and communicate internally is how we behave and communicate externally, it’s not what we say, it’s not what we do, it’s how we make someone feel that matters. If we are to make someone feel good we too need to feel good ourselves.

Kates techniques have impacted bottom line growth by an average 17% in 12 months and up to 24% in some circumstances. Wellbeing is the core to success, your success, your organisations success and you families success.

Kate has a passion for horses living on a 250 acre equestrian property in rural Northumberland, loves to travel, and enjoys precious time with her family, can occasionally be found curled up with a book and a glass of red wine. 

How to Register
Please email Shona at shona@smcassociates.co.uk to receive the joining instructions.


  • 12pm
    Welcome from WR Scotland
  • 12:05pm
    Introduction from Kate Cooper-Faye on her career journey as a pioneering role model in various sectors including transport
  • 12:15pm
    Wellbeing session led by Kate Cooper-Faye
  • 12:45pm
    Q&A session
  • 1pm
    Thanks & Close