Wellbeing Interactive Workshop – Adapting to a New Norm

This session provides an opportunity for you to check in with yourself. Françoise will bring activities to life that you can use now and going forward. They can be used for yourself, in pairs or in teams. Everyone has their unique story in what has been and may still be a challenging environment and this workshop will provide you with the tools to understand your own needs and strategies to maintain a healthy balance.

The session covers:

  • How we can look after our immune system with the foundations of wellbeing (nutrition, hydration, movement, connections, and mindfulness).
  • A resilience activity with an opportunity to participate (if you wish). Resilience is more important now than ever and helps us manage and overcome challenges. Identifying our coping mechanisms can help us maintain our physical and emotional resilience.
  • An opportunity to sample some coaching techniques so you can start drafting your very own action plan.

This is an informative session that you can tailor to suit your own challenges and environment and introduces you to some coaching techniques that you can use in the future for yourself, and to help prompt conversations with colleagues.

Françoise Prandi – Wellbeing & Business Improvement Coach, NW&C
Françoise is a Wellbeing & Business Improvement Coach at Network Rail. Her passion for wellbeing started nearly three decades ago, after her own journey with very poor mental and physical health in her 20s. It is through her own transformational journey that she trained as a nutritionist and has become a qualified Coach with a focus on wellbeing.

Françoise started rolling out a wellbeing programme at the beginning of 2020 at Network Rail and as part of this, delivered virtual workshops across the organisation.


  • 12:00
    Welcome and overview of WR South
  • 12:05
    Wellbeing workshop
  • 12:50
    Question and discussion
  • 13:00