Practical Mind and Body Techniques to Help you Manage Yourself in Challenging Times

Late Afternoon Session

We can’t control the energy crisis, we can’t control the government, we can’t control the “what if’s”.  But we can control how we react to the situation and adjust our sails for the direction of the wind.

This is a very practical and highly interactive session, where all attendees will get the opportunity to learn and practice techniques, that they can put into effect from the moment they leave.

Blending mental fitness and physical wellbeing methods, Austin and Suzanne offer a truly holistic wellbeing experience, where you will feel recharged, focussed and empowered to take control, in these chaotic times

Austin is a Mental Health Fitness Coach and Suzanne is a Therapeutic Massage Practitioner, supporting individuals, teams and organisations to implement powerful health and wellbeing programmes.

16:15 Registration and arrival

16.30 Introductions and check In

17:00 Session begins

18:00 Q & A and completion