How to be Free From the Thoughts and Feelings that Hold you Back
Mo (Harford) Bury

Have you ever thought about where your feelings come from? No? Mo hadn’t! Having a complete breakdown was the catalyst for Mo to find out. In this talk Mo will share the most important things she’s learned over the last 15 years about how to have more freedom from the feelings and thoughts that hold us back.

Mo is on a mission to share:

  1. Where feelings actually come from in comparison to where we think they come from
  2. How to be free from the impact other people have over how we feel
  3. How to be ok even when the things around us are not

The ideas Mo will be sharing are now being shared in schools and colleges. The NHS are gathering data to show the impact that these ideas have on mental health and businesses and organisations around the world are teaching these ideas and turning their companies around to create happy, engaged and inspired employees.

Sounds too good to be true?

Come and find out.

Time & Date
6pm, Thursday 18th March 2021

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About Mo (Harford) Bury
Mo (Harford) Bury works in large organisations, coaching, training and speaking at events to share an understanding and show how we can change how we experience everything – life, work, our customers and each other.

There’s nothing you have to be, have or do to feel happy, whole and at ease when you know how your mind is creating your experience.

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  • 6pm
    Event begins
  • 7pm
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