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Building Your Personal Brand

No matter what work you do or who your stakeholders are, the more you can get people buying into you, the easier your job becomes and the greater your career opportunities. The question is, what exactly are they buying into? And just as importantly, who are they buying into? (In other words, what’s your personal brand?) Only once you know that can you be confident and authentic in every interaction, which in turn will help you to:

  • Get greater buy-in from key audiences and influencers
  • Better manage your impact on others
  • Increase levels of trust from key stakeholders
  • Raise your profile and expand your network

Guest Speaker

Best-selling author of Personal Branding For Brits, Jennifer Holloway, provides an introduction to the subject of personal branding, where you’ll learn:

  • What a personal brand is and why it’s worth defining yours
  • How to define your personal brand to reflect your individuality
  • How and if others’ perceptions of your brand match your own
  • How to adapt your brand to different audiences – while always being authentic

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