Overwhelm First Aid

Sponsored by Clancy Consulting, this interactive event is focused on learning how to manage the overwhelmed feeling originated from those situations where we ‘have a lot to do’.

There are occasions where it is not just a lot to do, it also feels emotionally too much and we become overwhelmed by everything that is on our plate.

Wendy McCristal from the Mental Health Company will take you through the Overwhelm First Aid process, which helps you quickly get on top of the emergencies, focus in what is important and get to a place of clarity and emergency again.

Useful for either yourself, or to help a friend/colleague to move out of overwhelming and back into a better place.

This session is also useful for the “always-busy” who are looking for new ways to prioritise and organise tasks, both at work and at home, without burning out.

All attendees will receive a takeaway flyer after the event.

Free to attend. If you would like to join us, please register here.