Research suggests that women are greater users (in numbers and frequency) of social media. It has also been suggested that women find networking easier on social media.

However, there is often a skills gap for more mature women (and men) in regards to social media usage. Moreover, WR Yorkshire would like to attract the full spectrum of generations of rail workers by being active on social media.

Therefore this workshop aims to promote the benefits of social media and give members an induction in how to successfully use LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat for professional purposes.

During the social media workshop, sponsored by Virgin East Coast, we will be guided by a social media expert who will show participants how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat effectively to advance our careers and professional practice. We will look at finding the right balance in terms of time and content, and whether you should create ‘limits’ to your social media usage or not. We hope that this workshop will equip participants to become more active and confident on social media.

As a way of socialising, networking and putting these new skills into use, the second part of the workshop will be a cocktail-making session (venue to be confirmed) during which WR Yorkshire members are encouraged to ‘tweet’ or ‘snapchat’ photos and updates of the event live as it happens. A professional photographer will be at hand to capture this event.

The event will begin at 6pm and close at 9pm.


  • 15:00
    Event Start & Social Media Workshop
  • 16:00
    Walk to Cocktail Making Venue (All Bar One, York)
  • 16:30
    Cocktail Making Workshop
  • 17:30
    Networking & Sampling Cocktails
  • 19:00

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