Stop Fraud! You Found me OUT – How to manage feeling like an Imposter FULLY BOOKED

17:30, 24 February 2021

Women in Rail has launched a series of career enrichment webinars in collaboration with Emma Nicholls, founder of “Your Red Dress”.

Emma ran a series of hugely successful career development mini-workshops for Women in Rail back in 2018 and is back on popular demand to help you plan the next step in your career.

About this session
In this session, Emma will explore the Imposter Syndrome, ‘that feeling of being ‘not good enough’. She will be presenting research about its prevalence, especially in male-dominated sectors, and help you identify ways to deal with it. She will also look at the Imposter Syndrome in the ‘new normal’ world of work and provide strategies on how to manage the feeling of being an Imposter. Emma will also introduce a few other ‘designer labels’ often experienced by women and men such as the Tiara Effect and Goldilocks Syndrome.

About Emma Nicholls
Emma Nicholls operates as a career mentor and coach for women working in traditionally male-dominated sectors. She specialises in mentoring and training women, unearthing the habits and behaviours needed to take their professional lives to the next level. As a seasoned career mentor and leadership development trainer, she understands the fundamental qualities needed to thrive in a male-dominated society. Emma spent more than 25 years working in large male-dominated corporates as a senior Leadership Development leader. It was during this time that she founded “Your Red Dress”, with a vision of helping women rise up and stand out in a “Grey Suited” world.

Early booking recommended
Places are limited so, if you are interested in attending, please book now.