Glasgow’s Black History Remembered

This Black History Month, Women in Rail Scotland would like to share an insight into Glasgow’s Black History through an original spoken word piece supported with images.

While many cities such as Glasgow played their part in the abolition of the slave trade, they also benefitted and today Glasgow seeks to raise greater awareness of the contributions made through slavery.

This short video evokes a mix of emotions in its attempt to educate and ensure that the past continues to be remembered while we  build a more diverse and inclusive society for the future.

With thanks to Sharon Salmon, Chair of Network Rail’s employee network Cultural Fusion for sponsoring the piece; written by Rajinder Pryor; research and oration by Kirsty Diamond.

Rajinder Pryor is Network Rail’s Engagement Lead, Communications and we are delighted she got in touch with us to share this really insightful work.  Thank you Rajinder.