Rail Technology Magazine Podcast – June 2020

Ep.12 Diversity, inclusion & gender balance, Adeline Ginn MBE

Adeline Ginn MBE, Founder & Chair of Women in Rail, joined host Ailsa Cowen for episode 12 of Rail Technology Magazine’s podcast, Track Talk, to discuss all things gender balance, diversity and inclusion.

The charity Women in Rail have played an enormous part in promoting diversity within the rail sector since it began in 2012, when Adeline had over 10 years of experience in the business.

Adeline was quick to point out Women in Rail is ran by volunteers but also has up to 4,000 male and female members, as both genders have a huge part to play in encouraging inclusion.

She spoke avidly about giving companies and organisations guidance on being more open about how they’re working to promote gender balance and making women feel less isolated.

Women in Rail carried out an industry survey in 2015, which they repeated in 2017, and found that 16.4% of the workforce in rail are women, meaning there’s still a way to go.

It was clear Adeline could have spoken about Women in Rail’s work for hours, her hard-work and desire for diversity is undeniable.

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