Women in Rail Backs Schemes to Support Home Schooling

Urgent call for support from the Women in Rail team!

Women in Rail calls for everyone in the UK railway industry, individuals and companies, to help tackle “technology poverty” and support national schemes put in place to enable schools and children to gain access to the technology they urgently need to learn from home and continue their education during lockdown.

Last summer, local BBC radio stations helped members of the public donate thousands of old laptops and tablets to help support schoolchildren across England. For those pupils, who did not have the essential equipment to learn from home or were sharing one mobile phone among several other members of their family, all trying to continue their schooling whilst in lockdown, it made a huge difference.

With schools currently closed for a few weeks, many pupils again face the real threat of not being able to access home learning resources.

Women in Rail is calling to everyone in the UK railway sector, individuals and companies, to reach out and donate unused or old laptops, tablets or mobiles, to schools, children and families who so desperately need them to continue being educated from home in these challenging times.

The BBC Make a Difference: Give a Laptop Scheme includes a number of charities and companies who are able to help in recycling old devices and provide them to schools and individuals in need.

One scheme, Business2Schools, links businesses and individuals with schools in their area that are accepting donations of devices and furniture. Over £10million worth of furniture and tech have been donated and distributed over the past year.

Another scheme helping families in need in these challenging times is run by the Railway Benefit Fund.

The Railway Benefit Fund (RBF) Grant Scheme is helping families by giving them the opportunity to apply for an RBF grant which can be used to help with the costs of purchasing the educational equipment that children need to complete their schoolwork from home.

To receive a grant, you must have worked in rail at some point for at least one year. This applies to the whole rail industry including the supply chain. You must also have limited savings to be eligible.

Please get in touch – RBF are here to help.

T:          0345 241 2885
E:          support@railwaybenefitfund.org.uk
W:        RBF Home Schooling