Women in Rail support #notjustforboys

#notjustforboys is a government led campaign that aims to encourage more women to consider careers in industries such as science, engineering and sport.  It does this through showcasing the background of women in today’s workplaces across a variety of sectors and roles.

Consequently we are delighted to support the campaign and would love you all to be involved.

A recent video produced by #notjustforboys highlighted the fact that around 80 per cent of the growth in female employment in the last four years has been in managerial, professional and technical professions and there are now women on every FTSE 100 board.

More women than ever are choosing to work, and there are likely to be around 12 million new job opportunities in the UK over the next decade. However, women are underrepresented in many of the industries that will offer these new roles.

We have a chance to shape a better future by improving diversity in rail, and other industries alike. So please join us by supporting the #notjustforboys campaign to help the cause.

Please promote the campaign by taking to twitter to:

  • share a photo of you and your colleagues at work
  • say why you love your job or sector and showcase what you are doing
  • share your top tip for women wanting to get a job like yours
  • share the work you’re doing to tackle the issue of under-representation in your industry
  • share your advice for other employers about benefits of being more inclusive

Please use the hashtags #notjustforboys and #wir so we can see you all in action. Thank you in advance for spreading the word!