Women in Rail Report – 20 Rising Stars of the UK Rail Industry 2017

You may recall, in April this year, Women in Rail set out to find the 20 rising stars of the UK railway sector. We wanted to celebrate women who are in the early stages (the first years in the aggregate) of their career in rail but who have already made an impact on their peers, colleagues and customers by demonstrating outstanding technical abilities, personal values and pro-active thinking.


We received the profiles of 122 women from across the rail industry, each one having an amazing story to tell and reminding us of what a fantastic sector we work in.


It was truly inspirational reading about the achievements, innovations and dedication of these rising stars and selecting the 20 winners was an extremely difficult task.


Highlighting the tremendous young female role models that are part of our industry and showcasing the influence they have on our day-to-day lives is key to changing the perceptions of rail and helping the sector to attract bright, new talent.


We do hope that the stories of the 20 Rising Stars of Rail will delight you, just as they did us. Please share them far and wide with friends and colleagues as they demonstrate the fantastic, varied and exceptional opportunities a career in rail can offer women and young girls in the UK.


Best wishes,


The WR Team